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UAEJJF GI Austria National Pro results!


– Kati Kovanova @warriorka 🥇 open weight class, 🥈 in weight class 63 – 70kg!
Samo Luky @samuel_luky 🥇 in adult class 95-110kg. He is freshly 17 years old but competed in adult division as no juveniles were in his weight category!
Ado Takac @adriantbjj 🥈 in 86 – 94kg. First match finished in 40s by ezekiel choke!
Filo Slovak – 2 excellent wins in 69-77kg but finally no place as he had 30 competitors in his class!
Leandro Loriga no place in 77-85kg brown belt division and he lost against excellent pro bjj fighter from Brasil: Guthiery Barbosa who won this division and the open class as well!

Congratulations to all of the team to being here and make their best! OSS!

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